ID Card & Dot Matrix Printers

As a school or college administrator, you face many challenges, including stretching budgets, increasing efficiency and improving safety.  One way to meet all of these challenges is through implementation of identification cards for students, staff and visitors.

PC INNOVATIONS can help you maximize the benefits of a card personalization system in your school today.  We carry software packages that allow you to print cards on site in seconds while students or staff members wait.   You will be able to identify anyone in your building at a glance with an oversized badge and depending on which software package you select you can control unattended entrances to campus buildings with magnetic stripe cards and card readers.  You will even be able to take your cards into the cafeteria line and library and let bar codes help deduct lunch funds from accounts and check out books.  Moreover, you can use your cards with our proprietary  Automated Tardy Management (ATM) software, the Tardy Calculator.  Process student tardies quickly and easily using bar coded ID cards.  Simply scan the students ID card and the Tardy Calculator does the rest.

The following is a list of ID Card printers that we carry.

Persona C11 and M11 ID Card Printers


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Fargo Persona C16 Card Printer


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Fargo C25 ID Printer


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Okidata ML-320 Turbo Dot Matrix Printer


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