Technical Support

PC Innovations is committed to providing professional support of all our software products.  Software bug reports, feature requests, suggestions, or general pre-sales questions related to our products are always available at no cost.

Additional maintenance plans are available to provide subscribers with enhanced technical support.  This is the best way for you to stay current with the rapidly changing technologies and to ensure you are getting the maximum return from your software investment.

We offer the following three technical support subscription plans:


Subscription Features & Benefits

Standard Incident Premium

Minor Upgrades/Bug Fixes

First 30 Days

Email Support

First 30 Days

Telephone Support

First 30 Days

Priority Response Time1  

Senior Engineer Support Team  

Remote Access Assistance  

Cost Included $129
Per Incident

Annual Fee: $799 Per product

Premium Subscription

The Premium Subscription is the ideal option for customers seeking the highest level of support.  The annual fee entitles you to telephone, email and in some cases, remote access, technical support for using our product from a senior support engineer.

Subscriptions are available on a per product basis for a twelve month period, and may be purchased at any time.  You must be the registered owner or designated contact for the product to purchase a subscription and the only person contacting us for support under the subscription.

Please ensure you have purchased the Subscription you need for each product.

Per Incident

Our Per Incident package is available individually or by purchasing multiple incidents in advance.

The Per Incident support package provides Telephone and/or E-mail technical support from a Senior Technical Support Engineer for resolving one Incident.

An Incident is defined as a single question related to one of our products.  The Per Incident period is from start to finish (report of the incident to resolution) for a single Incident. 

Should an answer to your question lead to multiple questions related to that answer, there is no additional charge.  Should multiple unrelated questions arise, there is an additional cost per incident even if they are discussed in a single correspondence.  Should you have new questions that arise new costs may apply.

If you anticipate multiple questions for a single product, we recommend purchasing the Premium Subscription option.  You can purchase a Premium Subscription at any time, but Per Incident costs cannot be applied to the cost of the subscription.

You must be the registered owner or designated contact for the product to purchase a subscription and the only person contacting us for support under this plan.

Standard Subscription

Our Standard Subscription comes with every product purchased for no additional cost. The standard subscription comes with support for access to our FAQs and newsgroups, and response to bug reports for that version.

The free period of support begins 30 days from the date of your product purchase.

You can upgrade to a Premium Subscription at any time.

Please note that the person requesting support must also be the registered user or designated contact for the product.  Registration is required and may be requested by our Technical Support professionals.

1 Response within two business days.
Actual resolution may take longer depending on complexity of the issue reported.