The Perfect tool for your school Campus Technology Leader.


The Campus Technology ManagerŠ offers a complete integrated solutions to easily manage school inventory, staff training, purchase orders, surveys and equipment service orders.


Friendly and Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface
Maintains Staff Member Class Schedules
Tracks Staff Training Sessions and Maintains Progress Levels
Maintains Entire Campus Inventory by Department and Individual Staff Member
Create Custom Designed Surveys for Staff Members or Student Parents
Create and Maintain Unlimited Budgets and Purchase Orders
Completely Customizable To Fit Your Specific School Needs
Adds / Deletes / Edits Staff Members And Data At Will
Generate Meaningful Reports for Staff Training, Inventory, Surveys, Purchase Orders, Budgets, Class Schedules & More.

Campus Technology Manager

Campus Technology Manager - Main Interface

Campus Technology Manager - Main Interface

Shipping: $5.00

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Do you know where your teachers are? No problem:

With the Campus Technology Manager you are able to maintain your entire staff member's class schedules.  This is a great tool for teachers who change/float from classroom to classroom during the course of the day.

Does your campus provide staff training?  No problem:

The Campus Technology Manager makes it easy for you to take control of your staff professional development sessions.  Easily track staff members' progress and maintain accurate records of your training sessions.

Have problems with Budgets and Purchase Orders?  No Problem:

Easily create unlimited budgets using the built-in Budget Manager. All Purchase Orders created are directly interfaced into the Budget Manager and warns you when your budget is running low.

The Campus Technology ManagerŠ was designed to help with the tedious and overwhelming process of managing all the aspects pertaining to technology in school campuses.

Its unique, friendly and easy-to-use interface allows you to effortlessly track:

  • Continued Education / Training Sessions

  • Physical Inventory

  • Customized Surveys

  • Budgets

  • Purchase Orders

  • Service Orders

  • Staff Class Schedules

  • Distributed Documents and Memorandums

  • Staff Member Photographs

Truly a well rounded product to aid in campus technology management.  For additional information, please download the Campus Technology ManagerŠ brochure in PDF format.